Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

Damaged, discolored, or decayed teeth can seriously affect your self-esteem. More importantly, they can mean bad news for your overall health. Through our restorative dentistry treatments, our team at Dental Faith can give you a healthy, comfortable smile that you’ll be proud of for years to come.


For our fillings, we use what is called a composite resin. A composite filling is a tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture used to restore decayed teeth. Composites are also used for cosmetic improvements of the smile by changing the color of the teeth or reshaping disfigured teeth.


Dental implants are a very good option whether you have damaged or missing teeth. They look, feel and function like a natural tooth. The dental implants Dr. Fedler can give you help you keep your smile for a long time, and they are more reliable and comfortable than bridges or dentures.

Partials & Dentures

Removable partials dentures are for patients who are missing some of their teeth on a particular arch. Flexible partials are virtually invisible because there are no metal clasps. They are very esthetics. The flexibility of these partials makes them very comfortable. They are designed to look like your natural teeth.

Full dentures, or “false teeth,” are used to replace all upper or lower teeth. Their purpose is to provide support for cheeks and lips, as well as improving the patient’s ability to speak and eat. The types of dentures we offer are conventional and immediate. Immediate dentures are made BEFORE teeth are removed, PLACED the day of surgery and after the teeth have been removed and USED until the tissue heals completely (8-12 weeks after the teeth have been removed). A conventional denture is made and placed when the gum tissue is healed. ready for placement.

Root Canals

Although you do your best to keep your teeth clean and healthy, there are times when sensitivity and pain reach a point that may require more extensive treatment. This is when a root canal is needed. This process involves the removal of the nerve from the inside of the tooth and roots in order to relieve pain. When the root canal is complete, a crown will then be added to complete the final restoration of the tooth. The alternative to a root canal is an extraction. However, when the tooth can be saved, it is always the first option given.


If you don’t like the color of your teeth or if you have noticed your teeth color becoming yellowed and dulled over the years, your teeth may be discolored and stained because of a variety of factors. With our teeth whitening system you might achieve the bright smile you desire! We provide a take home whitening treatment so you can lighten the shade of your smile comfortably at home. We can work together to create a treatment plan to brighten your teeth and keep them looking healthy and natural.


Once all cleaning and restorative work has been completed and your teeth are ready for the next step, we will refer you to the orthodontist. We work with the best in the Nashville area. These specialists take your smile to the next level and will help determine which technique is best for you to get the smile you’ve always wanted.

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